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TeriAnn Wakeman in Land Rover Dormobile



A Girl and Her Land Rover

A Girl and Her Land Rover
An Auto - Biography

The story of how it all began 40 years ago
Soft bound, 127 pages, 36 B&W photos

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"A popular question amongst Land Rovering overlanders, regardless of vehicle model, is how do you kit out the vehicle, especially the interior.  Most agree that an expedition or overland vehicle is never 'finished', and usually a trip causes suggestions of its own when you get home.  ...  A new book from TeriAnn Wakeman, author of the excellent "Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada" gives a thoughtful approach to this topic, and by-the-by this book "A Girl and Her Land Rover" is also a great read about the restoration and overland use of her 1960 Series Two Dormobile.  Thoroughly illustrated with photographs throughout, it is both a primer for equipping an overland truck (and living in it!) and also a practical and useful account of Land Rover (and Dormobile) restoration and rehabilitation.  There is much in the book that will make Series, and indeed, Defender owners smile wryly!  ...   Well worth the read!"

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Chapter 1:  Love at first sight ... well, first visit

Chapter 2: Getting started with lots of help

Chapter 3:  Try not to panic!

Chapter 4:  Reunited

Chapter 5:  Becoming cleaner and organized

Chapter 6:  Settling in with a working Land Rover

Chapter 7: A troubling step forward

Chapter 8:  Civilizing the beast

Chapter 9:  Thems the brakes

Chapter 10: Why I travel and a camping epiphany

Chapter 11:  A dark and stormy epiphany

Chapter 12:  Moving on up

Chapter 13:  Building and arranging furniture


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