The Essential Guide to

Overland Travel

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Chapter 14: Trail Etiquette is now available online for people to read. This is a chapter I feel everyone should read and abide by as it provides a common set of behavior expectations when out on the trail. As such you have my permission to reprint the contents of this chapter in its entirety provided that the reprint include that the content is from the book "The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada by TeriAnn Wakeman", that the chapter is copyrighted and reprinted with permission from the author, and that the book's web site URL is included " ".  Please do not abuse this offer with does not include any contents from other chapters.


If you have any additional questions, need any clarifications or additional pictures please . I would like a copy of any publication that reprints chapter 14 or contains a review of my book.


Essentual Guide to Overland travel book cover

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