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Essential Guide to Overland Travel book

The Essential Guide to Overland Travel in the United States and Canada
A Resource for Independent Travel and Camping

2 years to write, 38 years of Land Rover travel and camping to learn what to write
Soft bound,  heavy paper,  color,  352 pages,  over 159 photos and illustrations

Learn how to choose and equip a long distance overland vehicle, and camping gear that best fits your individual needs. Why you might make one choice over another depending upon your situation. This book is divided into three sections: Getting started, gearing up for extended overland travel, and going out on the trail. Content includes the basics of choosing a primitive camp site, cooking on the trail, proper hydration, choosing clothing based upon the fabric blend and not appearance, driving over different terrains, getting unstuck, choosing and using recovery gear that’s appropriate for your vehicle, traveling with others, communication options, maintenance, and much more. Throughout the book there is a focus on traveling in harmony with nature and leaving no trace behind as you travel and camp.

Canada and the United States combined is larger than the South American continent and almost twice the land mass of the entire European continent. You could easily spend a life time exploring the wonders of these two nations and yet not see all the wonders they have to offer.

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A Girl and Her Land Rover, An Auto-Biography

A Girl and Her Land Rover
An Auto-Biography

Soft bound, 127 pages, 36 B&W photos


This is the story of how one woman’s life was changed over 40 years ago when a cherished childhood fantasy collided with the cold reality of a broken down, worn out, derelict 1960 Land Rover.  It is a tale of reignited dreams, tenacity, and a drive to see what is over the next mountain and around the next bend into places where the map reads “Here be Dragons”.

Its about the quest of trying to build a dream while others around her sadly shake their heads saying she is just fooling herself, pursuing a folly with a truck that should have been scrapped years earlier.

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    About the author

    TeriAnn has spent over 40 years exploring North America in her 1960 Land Rover Dormobile. Shunning rigidly planned routes she navigates mostly by whim where destinations are optional and not necessarily desirable. During her decades of traveling she has developed a strong bond with the land that includes a “do no harm” traveling ethic. This includes respecting historic artifacts, native cultures, and a “leave no trace behind” style of travel and camping that minimally affects the plants and animals that call the places she travels home.

    Having worked in the field of product safety for 12 years, first at Underwriters Laboratories and then at Hewlett Packard, she constantly evaluates situations and gear in terms of being safe for their intended use. Since leaving the corporate world in the 1990s, most of her camping trips have between three weeks and three months in length. After purchasing her Land Rover in 1978, she has taken a systems approach to modifying the vehicle to best meet her long duration travel and camping needs. While TeriAnn makes her home in Flagstaff, Arizona she is often seen somewhere in North America out on a trip with her Irish Wolfhound.

    “How do you describe the joy of a morning in a new place, watching the sun rise over a new natural landscape, and listening to the world around you awaken to a new dawn? Or the sense of absolute freedom gained by traveling where whim and the moment takes you, the serendipity of an unexpected view, the discovery of a clear gurgling mountain stream, the feeling of home on a rocky coast at the edge of a redwood forest. These are feelings akin to a religious revelation that I feel traveling and exploring new places on the wings of whim.”


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